Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today Kinda Sucked

Today kinda sucked because:

1. I rented 3 dvds this weekend and all the movies sucked...really bad.

2. I went to pick up a prize I won this weekend only to finally reach the place and was told the office where my prize was stored was locked and no one had the key. I will have to make a 2nd trip to collect my prize.

3. I got stood up on a date for the first time in my entire life!!!! AND....I got stood up by a guy whom I didn't even want to go out with in the first place. Peer pressure blows. I love my friends, but I should have gone with my gut and not agreed to see this guy who ended up not even showing!

4. My credit card was declined for the first time in my whole entire life!

Things that didn't suck:

1. I felt nice and sore from my workout yesterday.

2. I found out that the Zumba class I love so much is no longer being held in the really gross place I didn't like so much.

3. Even though I got stood up at the restaurant, I decided to stay anyways, and I enjoyed a very delicious dinner all by myself. For dessert I decided to text my No-show date the following:
"You're a terrible person. Loose my number. Loser."

4. I had an emergency $50 bill with me and was able to pay my bill. My credit card was declined because my bank cancelled my card when they suspected suspicious 3rd party transactions. I didn't think to switch out my cards prior to leaving my house, but good thing I decided to take some cash just in case.

When I got home tonight from dinner, I didn't have the heart to tell my mom that I had been stood up. I think she would have been more upset about it than I was. So instead I told her that the date sucked and that there was no connection. Which was true...because the guy never showed!!!

News update. I received a text from my No-show date letting me know that he passed out and slept through our date. He stated that he felt really bad. He also just called me and left a message explaining himself. He said he knew I would probably not want to see him again. At least he is not stupid. If this were our 2nd or 3rd date...maybe I could forgive him. He did go to work today and I can understand being tired. But...this was our 1st date. The time when you want to make a good impression. He should have set his alarm clock or drank coffee....or something. Not forgivable. Sorry.

So tonight I have decided that I am sick of this whole blind date internet dating BS. I am so tired of meeting guys that I am not 100% interested in. I need a new forum. I am going to start going to singles events. Maybe it will be better for me in a face-to-face type environment. Frankly I have lost patience for the online thing. So sick of the emails, the chatting online, the conversations over the phone....blah blah blah blah. The good thing about all of this is that now I know what I want in a man. Hopefully it will be easier for me to pick and choose in person.

To new beginnings in 2010!!

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